Dillepasa SL Food and Drink Igualada Barcelona
It was set up in 1987, with the aim of creating a commercialization and distribution platform for industrial pastry, which would meet the needs of "the producer" in relation to the different models and formats of destination that entails the marketing of their products. From the beginning, we set out as a vocation, to provide a fast and efficient service as well as the creation of the added value that this entails. With the collaboration of producers who give us their commercial department and the contribution of our experience in the different fields: marketing, distribution, commercialization and financing, we have created a cluster beneficial for both parties, without duplication of functions, which results in a good structure of costs and competitiveness, and as a consequence, has allowed us to be leaders in our sector. We have a team of human resources that, with a dynamic of ongoing training, are engaged in different occupational functions, showing the ability to give satisfactory service to more than 3,000 points of sale in their marketing, sale and replacement, and the corresponding administrative management that entails an adaptation, at all times, to the needs of the points of sale. We have our own computer How-Now, which allows us to control the traceability of all our processes, both at the level of Articles - Clients, Stocks - Purchases - Rotations, as well as at a documentary level, with digitally computerized treatment. In recent years, the Company has made investments worth more than //2,000,000 / Euros for the acquisition of a modern 5,000 m2 warehouse with a capacity of more than 1,500 pallets, the modernization of the entire industrial fleet, as well as as in powerful computer equipment, both fixed and mobile. Currently, the company is recognized in the sector of the distribution of pastry, confectionery and food.