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Letter recognition quality and customer service


It is always a pride and an incentive to receive from a client, on this occasion of Galapagar (Madrid), a letter of recognition of our products and our quality.
Transcript letter: Very gentlemen, I just received your gift, which is to be grateful, more you know that the important thing is to recognize the quality of your product, nowadays that anything goes and you do not recognize the taste for things well done , presentation and customer service.
If I had to assess these aspects would be 9, pulling to better. Every week I go to Torrelodones, six kilometers from Galapagar for muffins for the whole week, here in Galapagar there is no Supersol, but it does Save More and Mercadona, so it would be very important to prospect in these brands, even in the Navata five kilometers away is Corte Ingles Express.
Thank you once again for your deference I hope that as a Catalan company you continue to be pioneers and outstanding in the Spanish geography because the example of you in terms of quality and presentation deserves it.
Good omens and prospects for 2018