Dillepasa SL Food and Drink Igualada Barcelona

Circular economy, commitment and environmental responsibility.


Dillepasa SL wants to transmit the principles of the company in its commitment and responsibility with the environment and sustainability .
All the containers used for our brand products are recyclable and are part of an Integrated Management System that complies with the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.
Following the principles of circular economy, we are working with renewable plastic packaging and cardboard labels, made from recycled materials . In addition, to reduce the environmental impact, we have reduced the thickness of our packaging, guaranteeing its quality and optimizing the use of materials to reduce the environmental footprint.
Recovering and recycling post-consumer plastic and cardboard packaging allows to provide a circular use to the materials, reusing them again and thus creating a sustainable life cycle for these packaging.
Working in a responsible and sustainable way with the environment benefits us all.